Finally, a card game made for music lovers!

Find yourself bursting spontaneously into song? Know all the words to the theme song from the Golden Girls? Always wanted to win a singing competition, but are too shy shy for American Idol? Then you should play SING THAT WORD! If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you could play Sing That Word all night long (all night)! Buy buy buy your own deck or give it as a gift for only $19.99!

Want to learn how to play?

Draw a WORD card with a single word on it from the deck and turn it over. You go right round baby right round in a circle with each person trying to sing known song lyrics that contain that WORD. Each time someone sings a unique lyric, they grab a MIC card. Whoever has the most MIC cards at the end of each round wins that WORD card and its points. First to 7 points wins the game. It’s easy like Sunday morning.

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How many people can play SING THAT WORD?

STW is designed to be played by 2-12 people, or even more if you form teams!

How many cards come in each deck?

There are 60 easy WORD cards, 40 medium WORD cards, 20 hard WORD cards, 30 RADIO EDIT cards, 20 WILD cards, 25 MIC cards, and 4 RULES cards.

Where can I buy SING THAT WORD?
Can I get more WORD cards?

Vote here for the next expansion pack.

Who is the most famous person that’s played SING THAT WORD?
As of now it’s Kia from Conquer Divide.
Do you ship internationally?

We do!

Do you offer SING THAT WORD in other languages?

We don’t, but tell us what language you want next and we’ll consider it!

Is this game family friendly?

Yes! We put all the naughty words in the RADIO EDIT expansion pack, but the core deck is clean as a whistle.

Can I buy your decks wholesale?

Sure! But why? Jk. Send us a message if you’re interested.

Is there an app version of this game?

Not yet, but if you have some app ideas, contact us below!

Is it true you bought an island and named it Hawaii 2?

No. That was Cards Against Humanity. If you buy enough decks from us, maybe we’ll buy a different island and name it Hawaii 3!