How to play SING THAT WORD.

2-12 players/teams, ages 10 & up


25 MIC cards, 150 WORD cards (60 EASY + 40 MEDIUM + 20 HARD + 30 Radio EDIT), 20 WILD cards


Shuffle the WORD cards & put the deck face down in front of the first player (youngest goes first). Put 2 MIC cards per player plus 1 additional card face up in a pile in the middle of everyone. Ex: (4 players * 2 + 1 = 9 MIC cards)


The first player draws a WORD card from the deck & places it face up.

They have ~30 seconds to SING THAT WORD by singing a real song lyric that includes the WORD on the card. If they successfully SING THAT WORD, they take a MIC card from the middle. If they can’t SING THAT WORD, they pass. The round continues clockwise. The next player has ~30 seconds to sing a different lyric from a different song with the same WORD from that card. The round continues with the same WORD card until either everyone consecutively passes or all MIC cards have been taken.

The player with the most MIC cards at the end of the round keeps the WORD card & gets the points from that card. If 2 or more players have the same number of MIC cards at the end of the round, the first person to sing a unique lyric with the same WORD wins the card. If nobody can successfully SING THAT WORD, nobody wins the WORD card & you move on to the next round. Put all the MIC cards back in the middle & the player to the left of the first player draws the next WORD card.


WORD Card Mode: The first player to collect enough WORD cards to have a combined score of 7 or higher, wins. Time Mode: The player with the highest score at the end of a given timeframe, wins.


Longer versions of WORDS are ok. Example: The WORD card is “Rain”, so lyrics with “Raining” in them are ok. But, not the other way around. Example: The WORD card is “Running”, so lyrics containing the WORD “Run” don’t count.


  1. Team Mode- Players can form teams with any team member being able to SING THAT WORD during their turn.
  2. Single Level Mode- Only play with the WORD cards from one of the difficulty levels.
  3. Kanye Mode- Once the WORD card is drawn, the first person to SING THAT WORD can grab a MIC card at any time. You can even grab multiple MIC cards back to back.
  4. Rap Battle Mode- Players get a MIC card if they can come up with a unique lyrical bar that rhymes with the WORD card. The lyric doesn’t have to be from a real song.